Too Much Trouble

One drifter, two cartels, and a shadowy government operative. Will he survive a cartel war on the streets of Denver?

The Death Dealers

When he prevents a murder, one drifter is thrown into a twisted conspiracy that points to the most dangerous gang in Los Angeles.


A free vigilante justice novella about a loser on a motorcycle with a code and a heart of gold. Get your free copy by clicking the button below!

The Deadly Divine

He’s a one-man wrecking crew. When he crosses paths with a charismatic lunatic, can he blow away the murderous brainwashing?

Undead Annihilation

The end of the world has never been so much fun. (Book one of the Undead Trilogy.)

Undead Assimilation

The end of the world just keeps getting weirder. (Book two of the Undead Trilogy.)

Undead Extermination

The Undead face off to determine the fate of the world. (The final book of the Undead Trilogy.)

The Rise of the Vampire Merek

The brutal and terrible birth of a monster. (An Undead Trilogy prequel.)